Cheese making

How can you help ensure the quality and safety of cheese during manufacture?

The quality and safety of food is of paramount important to all food manufactures. This is especially the case when a food is eaten fresh i.e. the food is not cooked prior to consumption. While there are many dishes that involve cooking cheese, most cheese is eaten “fresh”.You just grab some from the fridge and eat it in a sandwich, with a biscuit or just as it is. The food industry achieves quality and food safety though a “hurdle” approach – a series of hurdles which removes contamination or stops or slows microorganisms growing. So, in the case of cheese, the milk from the farm is chilled, pasteurised, processed in a clean environment, then packed in protective packaging and chilled to refrigerated temperatures.

AiroFresh® uses cutting edge S&P (Sterilization and Purification) technology dramatically reducing atmospheric contaminants such as yeast and mould to improve the cleanliness of the environment during processing.

AiroFresh® destroys airborne pathogens such as viruses, which are not trapped by HEPA filters as they may be smaller than 0.3 nm

AiroFresh® is unique in that it is able to operate at very low refrigerated temperatures.