Post-harvest and Cold-room Storage

What if there was a simple and inexpensive way to improve the quality and longevity of your produce while increasing your profitability?

AiroFresh® is a scientifically advanced air purification technology which delivers great benefits to a diverse group of industries across the globe.

AiroFresh® specifically offers inexpensive, safe organic solutions to post harvest produce management; including processing, packaging, storage, transportation at all production stages throughout the supply and cool chain.


  • cleans storages 24/7, keeping produce, walls, ceilings and storage bins clean.
  • Considerable extension of fresh produce shelf life (equal to chemicals)
  • Improves quality (taste) and production yields (much less rots)
  • Replaces expensive and chemical based practices
  • Reduces recall and mitigation
  • Reduces sales loss, brand damage and liability loss
  • Organically certified technology
  • Oxidizes toxic VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) including ethylene/fork lift exhausts
  • Destroys bacteria, viruses, fungus, moulds, spores and more
  • Removes common airborne allergens
  • Eliminates odours
  • No filters to change or dispose of
  • Patented and trademarked, organically certified
  • Clean, safe and environmentally friendly
  • Plug and go
  • Convenient annual servicing
  • Constantly replenishes its capability 24/7 and maintains efficiency unlike chemicals that quickly wear out.


  • Airofresh® was announced as the National winner of the Australian Regional Development 2017 Environment and Sustainability Award in September 2017.

AiroFresh® was represented by researcher Dr Nigel Barrett who holds his qualifications in Food Science.

  • Airofresh® was the winner and recipient of two state awards in 2016:
  • “Best New Horticultural Innovation 2016” – Victoria
  • “Best New Horticultural Innovation 2016” – Western Australia

AiroFresh® controls cross contamination of produce by sterilizing the surrounding atmosphere in food storage and preparation areas.

AiroFresh® cleans and improves the work environment, achieving recognition from OH&S specialists, Doctors and international technical specialists.